LairdFX has been using Markham Industrial as a primary supplier for many years in our commercial production, and feature film projects. We have always been impressed with the knowledge of the sales staff and the speed of their delivery services. The vast array of products and services they provide make it much easier for us to source and buy from one supplier, an important factor in our busy industry.

We would, and often do, recommend Markham Industrial to others looking for a great supplier who can provide any product they need–FAST.

It is my opinion that Markham Industrial Supply has set a high standard of customer service with their attention to detail and the satisfaction level reported by members of the Toronto Film Industry.

Their true concern and effort make it possible for us to deliver our products and complete our work on time.

Our company has purchased many tools over the last few years, and while it may be more convenient to go to our local hardware store, we could not receive better service than with Markham Industrial & Trade Supplies. Their huge selection and personalized service keeps us coming back as satisfied customers. We appreciate their vast knowledge of their products, always aware of exactly what our needs are and what tools will fill those needs. And their prices are very competitive–there really isn’t any reason for us to shop anywhere else.

More than 20 years ago Nor-Am started a business relationship with MITS. As two newly emerging companies we both had a desire to affiliate ourselves with the like minded companies. A strong commitment to customer service and a desire to expand in the coming years was a common goal.

MITS was a steady source for our tool and fastener requirements. The owners and staff always took the time to accommodate our growing needs. Their commitment extended past what may have been the normal scope of work to include searching for and finding specialty items.

The proof of MITS success is found both in the longevity of its staff and the retention of its customer base.

Nor-Am is proud to have been associated with MITS in the past and looks forward to many more years working together.

As a relatively new wood worker, I did a lot of research on what tools I needed to successfully set up a serious shop. I spoke with many people from long time wood workers to a number of supply shops in the GTA. It became obvious to me during my research that the shop you buy from was as important as the tools you buy. To that end, before I bought anything, visiting Markham Industrial to talk to the staff and see how they handled customer service was important.

I was impressed! It’s clear when you walk into the well-appointed store that these guys have been around. Not only do they have a solid knowledge of the many products they sell; they are willing to share their experiences on the proper use of the tools. It’s hard to put a price tag on that kind of customer care.

They treated me like a long time customer and most importantly, took the time to answer all my questions. The personal attention I received was a welcome change from the usual “conglomerate” approach you get at other stores. When I encountered a few glitches in my set-up, they were also there with follow up service to satisfy my requirements.

My hours of homework paid off. I found an excellent group to deal with !

Keep up the great work guys, I hope you’ll be around for a long time.